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I help LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs accelerate their B2B business growth so they can finally go on that 4 week holiday without the business breaking down around them.

If you’re like me, you started your business so you could be your own boss, make the money you deserve and live life on your own terms.

But, my dream of freedom became a cruel joke. The more my business grew the more my business depended on me. I worked relentlessly and still the business never was able to run on its own. I developed the Titan Scaling Formula to fix that permanently.

If you want your employees to act like owners, the business to run on its own, and have the freedom to do what you want when you want in your business, then this is your solution.


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Let's get to know each other...

You don’t know me yet but I am a real person. 😋I live in Belgium and after more than a decade serving big coporate businesses, helping them analyse and streamline their teams, systems and leadership I chose to use my knowledge and help scaling CEO’s reclaim their time so they can focus on growth instead of putting out fires all day long.Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before…You have the systems in place but when you go into the team’s meeting and see those faces that don’t know what to do, you feel the stress & overwhelm rising again and again.

You feel embarrassed…

You feel like your team was poorly organized and you are afraid to tell anyone.

You are constantly trying new tools and SOPs until you stared at a bunch of random operations, watching the people waiting for my leadership.

You also tried to model other leaders but could never really apply their genius to your projects.

I’ve been through the exact same situation myself to be honest…

Until one day, I opened up to a close friend who was also scaling his company.

He listened carefully and recommended an entirely different approach.

This wasn’t just another “template”.

It was a unique new way of running a digital business created by business wizards – legends who ran HUGE companies, such as Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Bob Iger, Jack Ma.


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More about me

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I'm a 6-figure freelancer turned passionate LGBTQ+ entrepreneur and coach. Here's how I can help:

Ilse Cuvelier and Stefaan De Vreese business development coaching

Private Coaching for your business

Working with an experienced business coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results. Some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on business coaching services to become talkably different from the competition. Partnering with Business Coach , you’ll get 1:1 meetings every 10-14 days and expert guidance to keep you on track for 12-18 months.

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Zoom session from the group cohort

Freedom Fastlane Cohort Program

You are the business owner. You have goals, a destination in mind on a distant horizon.

But you keep encountering the same problems over and over again — trouble hiring the right people, spending all your time answering questions and putting out fires, and generally being irreplaceable in your own business.

The Freedom Fastlane program provides the tools, the map and the support to help you leverage your unique strengths, build a crew that supports your vision, implement systems that are fully optimized + efficient, and enjoy the mental space to focus on the future strategy.

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The Out & Proud Business Lounge - Mastermind

I am so excited to invite you to join the Out & Proud Business Lounge – a mastermind club to give you the tools, coaching, mentorship, accountability and elevated peer group to help you get t YOUR next level faster than ever before.

The Out & Proud Business Lounge is your key to staying ahead of the curve, making consistent progress and never getting left behind, no matter where you are starting from.

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Social seller bootcamp

The New Way of Selling - FREE E-Mail Course

In This FREE EMAIL SERIES We'll Be Showing The Exact Same Crazy Simple To Understand Framework We Used To GenerateA Whopping 10K Month From Social Media Just After 2 Months Of Getting Titanology Off The Ground.

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Join our VIP group of Elite LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

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Client Testimonials

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"Stefaan has given me an amazing amount of knowledge for my business and I now have the clarity and guidance. Thank you for all the help!"

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